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      What should happen? he said, simply.

      I think it would be better if you came.

      Let us go, she said in a low voice. They would not like us to watch them.If she had known, she would have taken fright, like the deer in the park, which started at her approach. When Trafford came back from his short visit to London, he looked round the hall, where all but Esmeralda were gathered for afternoon tea, as if he missed something.

      "Yes, you have! I was just going into fits! Now step in and fetch me out here--" He shaped his arms fantastically and twiddled his fingers.

      They found the mare patiently awaiting them, and Bill, after bestowing a few words of praise, which the animal understood and appreciated most perfectly, insisted upon Varleys getting into the saddle. As they rode back to the camp, Varley concocted and matured a plan of operation. No one would have guessed that anything serious was in the wind, as the two men sauntered up to the bar of the Eldorado, and with a Mares all right! called for a drink. Nor had any one any inkling of the expedition even, when, at six oclock the next evening, Varley, stretching himself and yawning, got up from the table and sauntered into the open air, where, at a little distance, Bill and five other men were already in the saddle, with Varleys fast mare in their midst.


      The master heaved a comforted sigh. The servant tittered again, but suddenly again was grave. "I on'y wish to Gawd," he slowly said, "dat de next time you an' him meet--"


      He would have dashed off to Belfayre then and there, but he could not leave his mother; and he did the next best thing to goingsat down and wrote a letter to Traffordthe letter of a close and dear friendand adding that the moment he could leave his mother he would hasten to Belfayre on the chance of being some use. He sent his love to Esmeralda, and his kind regards to Lilias. Then he posted his letter with his own hands, and returned to his mothers bedside to mourn; for the duke had always been very good to him, and he loved the old man.I have now to speak of the money you brought me. It shall be returned to you. You refused it the nightthe night of our marriage; you can not do so now. It shall be transferred back to you, and without the knowledge of the world. To-morrow I leave Belfayre and England; it is not probable that I shall ever return. For me, life is over. I shall never see your face again. His voice broke at the words, but he mastered it again quickly; he did not see the shudder, the tremor, that shook her as she heard them. If there is any question you wish to ask me, he went on in so hoarse and low a voice that she could scarcely hear it, write to me before I go, and I will answer it. I desire to make every arrangement that will tend to render your future an assured one. God knows I have no desire to punish you! As I said, there has been wrong on both sides; I have acknowledged it. You will deem it but a hollow mockery, but I wish you happiness in the future, forgetfulness of the past.